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The Quiet Speaker



Love is never enough.

Down he goes,
heart in hand.
sweet slow knife,
and drops of blood on sand.

pain inside the broken ribs,
nothing more gracious but wine and grief.
dancing angels summoning devil,
searching for an escape to relief.

Hunting hopes and happiness to kill,
for bridges burnt down to shaded snow.
promises and words; just jumbled lies,
ever does her hear aches,
and soul begs for cries?


What else the world has to offer?
if not suffering and pain.
The pain is inevitable.
and suffering is optional.”
they said.
but sometimes,
sometimes suffering is necessity.
sometimes suffering is inevitable.
sometimes suffering makes us numb.
sometimes suffering is the only choice.

Peace. :)

Storms of the silent waves,

and the loudest sound of silence.

Few miles off the shore of town,

and cold wind embracing skin’s soul with grace.

A hand to hold and a heart to keep,

to hold my love and a scene not to miss.

Diving the ocean of moments with her by my side,

and admiring the breath of sun before it decides to hide.

Watching the foggy smoke flowing amidst the air,

the peaceful shades of orange all over the sky,

next to me was a shoulder i cried on,

and covered red carpet with my secrets covered in roses.

holding and keeping, she’s walking slow,

every step she’s taking, she’s thinking more,

dreaming of days wishing to turn real,

hoping flames of their illusions won’t let them heal.

what love is not if the smile on her face,

that seeks the window through her cheeks,

and the sparks that i wish to keep,

on your smile as the route to my peace.


Moved on

My favorite distraction and my worst daydream,

You managed to hurt me down for way too deep.

I will never get to know,

How can u still haunt me at nights?

When I convince myself all day long,

That it’s been way too long and you’ve moved on,

And now she’s a past and that you were left far behind.

I guess that’s where your magic lies,

Hunting me down so deep in the forest;

Of my own world,

Where sun hasn’t touched ground in decades;

Wounding my bare heart with your love,

That it will burn the forest of self worth down,

Burning each last bit of being original me,

And turning into ash that followed you out of this messed up and burnt forest.

Of all the greatest mysteries,

You will remain my favorite one,

Asking myself every time a star sparks,

How did you manage to make me fall so hard for you?

How did I survive the fall?

But it doesn’t matter now, does it?

When you’re so happy that I am afraid to come near you,

When I have stayed in darkness so long,

The sparks of your eyes will blind me again.

Maybe I will just walk away and won’t turn around,

And will pretend to be the strong guy who’s on his own.

But hey, I’ve moved on,

So what if sometimes my heart aches when I hear your name,

I’ve moved on,

Maybe in some years I will forget how you even look,

Maybe tomorrow I will forget the way you smiled,

When first time you held my hand,

So what, if for now,

I remember how your eyes used to light up after meeting me.

I promise I will forget it,

Maybe tomorrow, maybe in coming years,

Maybe I will find someone to share all those moments again,

Maybe she will also hate me later,

Like the way you feel now,

But right now all that matters is,

I’ve moved on.

I apologize,

I will be bothering you with my words,

Every time I feel my heart skipping beat,

Over all those memories that we’ve had,

Till I move on.

But hey, I’ve moved on. 🙂



It was late that night,

He couldn’t help but remember himself.

The way he used to be,

The way he used to see,

This world from some other eye,

Now he can see all the angels cry.


He was there but not anymore,

People can see him but no one knows,

He isn’t the person they are meeting,

He isn’t the one they are looking for,

He is a soldier in the middle of war,

Heart seems winning, brain losing its throne.


Search for him in the crowd of fake,

Curse him as long as he can take,

He can take all the blames,

Just shout out his name,

Maybe he forgot to put on the mask,

Maybe for some more scars, she had asked.


He must have gone to the same old desert,

Where rains flood the land and flowers love to burn.

Thorns wait at the entrance,

Beneath those bed of rose,

He knew it will hurt,

Still that was the way he chose.


Now all he does is walk through and gift her joy,

Of the scars he has and the wounds as teddy toy.             

All she does is decorate the same,

In a place where he hides his memories,

And hugs the pain,

Watching his past freeze, smiling as insane.


PS: Dear followers, Sorry for being little inactive. :/  Will try to be active now as much as possible.

PS2: Wrote this few months ago.

Song for an Angel*


All this time I was hoping,

Wishing you to be mine.

Praying for what I didn’t believed in,

And letting myself scream loud in rhyme.


You couldn’t hear my words loud,

Maybe you were addicted to whispers on phone.

I kept your gifts with so proud,

And I saw mine lying on a stone.


I will say I wasn’t hurt,

But don’t know why, a tear dropped out.

My feelings seems to be inert,

They are not going to free me out.


Staring at my broken pieces,

And watching you leave with a door open,

Took a step to stop you before winter freezes,

Thorny glass found its way to bones.


I screamed loud in pain but,

I could see that you were already gone.

Passers by heard my words cut

Bleed, advised me to move on.


When I asked a word, how?

I heard a loud silence around.

Nobody utters a word now.

And I smiled in front of fake crowd.


They stood up to leave me,

Like everyone do this as a hobby.

They never care for what you’ve been with,

Just want to ruin your “leisure cup of coffee”.


But still in between those crowds,

Eyes continue to search for a face.

Hopes she will be the sunlight after dark clouds,

But, she continued moving with that pace.


Later on I knew,

I won’t ever be missed by her.

I hope she never walk into my shoe,

She will fall, ‘Coz forever, her vision will remain blur.


Never show this world what you’ve been,

Just pick those pieces again,

Get used to this feeling of leaving,

And when you’re at a corner, allow your eyes to rain.

Backspace Key: Killer of Emotions


It was a nice weather in the evening today, cool breezes with red sky and a sun going to take a nap in paradise. I, having all the leisure time in my pocket was sitting right in front of my PC..Keyboard in front of me, Coffee in my left hand and an empty mind where a constant battle was going on, Battle on the topic what to do now, battle on the topic on which i should write something.

My eyes must have crossed the keyboard for more than hundred times and then suddenly my eyes were stuck at one key…”BACKSPACE KEY” Yup, the key next to a key with + sign..addition sign.. (What a contrast) …the key that delete everything is sitting right next to a key which is meant to add up things.

A thought hit up my mind, This key has been hiding the emotions of a person from the time of it’s born… many times, around the globe , a lover..a one sided lover grabs all his strength in his fingers and types his emotions to someone who means a lot to him, but while they complete writing their emotions , a fear grab their hand and forcefully drag it to this key..this cursed key. many times a person is so desperate to let other know about their feelings that they might spend the whole night thinking what and how to write…but this backspace key turns down their will.There are many times a person types all the truth that he feels but end up in wiping his tears and erasing all his words and pretend he never wrote anything .

Imagine a world where there would have been no backspace was to be meant that ,one who writes anything in message box must be sent to that person.. how many beautiful people would have been happy around..there wouldn’t be any lie from the side of true lover.

Dear Backspace key,

Please improve your intelligence and decide whether the message should be sent or not..please learn to decide true feelings and help each person.

PS : most of us must have done this..agree ?

Hold my hand-It’s been long time

‘Cos it has been so long since you said that you care,

When you held your breathe and in each others eyes we stare.

It’s been so long since you said love to me,

Now increasing distance between us is all I can see.


Things went wrong and you gave up on us,

I tried for months and now my strength has rust.

Maybe I was always so bad to you,

Probably I lit up a fire in front of dew.


I still feel ache deep in my heart,

It’s converting to stone with which it was hurt.

It won’t feel any love, no more now,

Want to hold back my tear but don’t know how?


Want to grab you in my arms,

And ask for forgiveness in your warms.

Wish to have you by my side,

To love you more with open arms wide.


When I said I love you my dear,

You felt so irritated, you voice so clear.

What you felt and hear was that I’m fine,

When I was forced to taste my tear so brine.


I know I stopped trying so hard,

Reason I found, there was only me who last.

You seem to be so perfect and happy without me.

Afraid to be a disaster in life of thee.


It’s hard for me to accept that you’re gone,

And you don’t bother if I’m alone.

Don’t want to give up, but I have to,

Burning my soul inside and let go you.


Turning to someone who couldn’t love again,

Don’t want to get hurt and feel same pain,

In my heart that belongs only to you,

Even if you’re not with me, I’ll love you.


It won’t cry ‘coz you are here not,

Tears ready to rush, inside my eyes get clot.

Maybe I deserve this burn, ‘coz you let me burn down,

Till my soul turn to ash, and I myself so down.


Let the old me face its end,

And welcome new me, from darkness I’ve been sent,

With heart of stones with feelings still the same,

Different soul but same love game.


Still I wish,

For once if you come and hold my hand,

I’ll burst down from black clouds, and my eyes will rain on burning sand.

For once you say, you still want to be with me,

I’ll crawl back to you, with zero strength left in me,


A phase of “Life”

There comes a moment in your life..when you realize that there’s no more fear of losing something…

there’s no more fear of getting broken..there’s no more fear that you’ll that special someone…there’s no more fear that your dreams will be broken..there’s a moment when you realize that you’ve got nothing to lose… because everything you wished for is already gone…everything you ever dreamed is gone…once you’ve nothing then you have no fear of losing…

And that’s the moment when you feel that – “what can be more worse than this” and then you pick yourself up…pick your self-confidence …all your remaining strength and your broken pieces….stick a mask of smile on your face and crawl away with zero strength the walls of life the walls of success….

“ONE who is grounded has no fear to fall”

“Having bad phase only ensures that next moment whatever happens it will be better than present”


“stay positive…bleed positive”

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