Lost pages of my Note-Book

The Quiet Speaker




What else the world has to offer?
if not suffering and pain.
The pain is inevitable.
and suffering is optional.”
they said.
but sometimes,
sometimes suffering is necessity.
sometimes suffering is inevitable.
sometimes suffering makes us numb.
sometimes suffering is the only choice.


He let his heart burn,
one last time.
for the soul trapped to be free.
thousand tears and infinite scars,
rolling down at hour three.

whiskey smokes,
and mind palace to wander,
trying to find what was never lost.
happiness inside the shell of darkness,
for each smile comes at a cost.

Oh my love.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the pain too?
or was it just me,
befriending the pain,
and hiding with it away from world.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the hollowness in your soul?
as you walked out,
while i was bleeding my knees,
for you to stay and you never looked back.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did your heart skip a beat?
reading my words,
with fragrance of wilted rose,
that once made you smile with tears.

Tell me; Oh my love,
do you ever miss me ?
when you walk under the stars,
shadows hiding beneath your feet,
listening our favorite song.

Peace. :)

Storms of the silent waves,

and the loudest sound of silence.

Few miles off the shore of town,

and cold wind embracing skin’s soul with grace.

A hand to hold and a heart to keep,

to hold my love and a scene not to miss.

Diving the ocean of moments with her by my side,

and admiring the breath of sun before it decides to hide.

Watching the foggy smoke flowing amidst the air,

the peaceful shades of orange all over the sky,

next to me was a shoulder i cried on,

and covered red carpet with my secrets covered in roses.

holding and keeping, she’s walking slow,

every step she’s taking, she’s thinking more,

dreaming of days wishing to turn real,

hoping flames of their illusions won’t let them heal.

what love is not if the smile on her face,

that seeks the window through her cheeks,

and the sparks that i wish to keep,

on your smile as the route to my peace.


The battle

Searching peace amidst the chaos,

And setting fire to his world,

Holding bridge for her to cross it safe,

And burning it from other end.

Stretching hands for her to hold it once,

And then pushing​ her miles away.

Screaming loud for the love of her,

And cutting his throat to make no sound.

Destructive war of heart and mind,

And pushing her away to keep her safe.

*Silent Questions of heart*

Broken HeartDoes your heart face a battle too?

Doesn’t it bleed blood to show you that it’s hurt?

Don’t you hear the question it’s asking you?

Why is it that you left its half to burn in dirt?


Don’t you remember the time we met?

Our spines were chilled to the core of its end.

Don’t you remember the vow me made?

That we will hold each other’s hand till our end.


Isn’t it sad that you moved on too fast?

Isn’t it sad that I still tried so hard?

Don’t you think if you could have taken one step in past;

Our world would have been different, showing love card.


Don’t you think punishment I received was too much for my sin?

Just loving you was my crime, try to keep you close was my dream.

When you were with me my queen, I felt as great as a king.

But now I lost the war, and now have to roam around under hot steam.


For once in a while, do I cross your mind?

Does our love memories are able to bring you a smile?

Do you ever look for our picture in you heart and smile when you find?

Do you ever wish for once, to bring us back in future some time?


Do you feel proud to call me “once a part of life”?

Does your heart secretly wish to repeat this again?

Don’t you hold your pillow at night?

And wish to “wishing star” to bring us back again?

Heart and Soul

It’s been a month or so long two,

Am I stuck up in same place where I used to?

You said it was too late for me to apologies,

My heart says; you took time to re-perfect yourself, did she try?

In its reply, a tear rolled out from stoned eye,

And just like a paper boat in magic pond, all my mistakes were floating by its side.

And all the heavy stones of my love and care were thrown in Deep Ocean,

And my still soul plays dead, it shows no emotion.

My heart laughs and says, friend you’re wrong,

You were not meant for her, just stay strong.

New dew followed the stoned eye path again,

Hands wished to wipe them off, decided to let it rain.

A whisper was heard from soul of my dead soul,

And it sounds like a cord choked with coal.

Heart heard its voice-“You ask him to be strong, then tell him how,

She was his strength and she’s gone now,

‘Coz she said-she wasn’t happy being with you,

You Mr. Heart; you turned her away from his view.

You destroyed his strength and then you ask him to be strong,

She hates this guy, you’ll understand after how long?”

Heart wipes his tears in face of blood,

Decided to follow the eyes that have refused the flood.

Now it’s inhaling gasoline with burning ashes,

And walk on clear crystals that she smashes.

It knew it would bleed and it will hurt,

But it smiled as it was the chore of my heart..

Closet of my Mind

Thoughts that I keep in my closet of mind,

My heart read them out with each passing wind.

A fear keeps knocking, I can’t convey all time,

The door is locked, it’s wiping deep behind.

Got my only treasure in face of you,

Want to protect my shade of dew.

I feel rich and proud with you around,

Afraid to go poor, to lose my treasure somewhere in ground.

I don’t love to hurt you all the time,

Neither can hide my fear nor feel to explain in rhyme.

Just want to drive to you with my heart out,

And grab you near and scream without shout.

Softly in your ear will sing the song that you like,

And then hold your hand and say, yes you’re my life.

Just want to feel your love too,

Once hold my hand and say-I’m with you.


When situation goes hard, and when time’s bad,

I know I misbehave like an arrogant lad.

But my love and respect remains the same,

Feels I am right yet I accept all blame.

I sometimes feel I was right,

That’s my opinion, in my sight.

Maybe I was wrong too that time,

But you could hold my hand even that time.

When things are hard and I am impossible,

Can you please hold my hand and say –WE‘re possible.

I promise to smile and hold you tight,

I too need your loving hand after the fight.

It feels so good to know you’re here,

Feels so good in heart which is with you my dear.

I might be someone worst to handle,

But as you do, please handle with care.


Sometimes I realize I do think a lot,

Sometimes I feel I make you sad at all.

The happiness of my heart wants to come out,

But in the form of love to show you aloud.

Just few loving words one day when you’ll speak,

And hug me tightly and say you’ll never let me leave.

I’ll smile with two pearls of water running from eyes,

You mustn’t be worried, that aren’t my cries.

It’s my heart’s feel running out,

In the water feelings are oozing out.

I’ll just hold you and say my dear,

You’re beautiful and my treasure.

You’re my world and my reason,

To live with smile in every season.

I’ll never let you go, how could I ?

When you kept my heart, taking care with so pride.


Hold my hand-It’s been long time

‘Cos it has been so long since you said that you care,

When you held your breathe and in each others eyes we stare.

It’s been so long since you said love to me,

Now increasing distance between us is all I can see.


Things went wrong and you gave up on us,

I tried for months and now my strength has rust.

Maybe I was always so bad to you,

Probably I lit up a fire in front of dew.


I still feel ache deep in my heart,

It’s converting to stone with which it was hurt.

It won’t feel any love, no more now,

Want to hold back my tear but don’t know how?


Want to grab you in my arms,

And ask for forgiveness in your warms.

Wish to have you by my side,

To love you more with open arms wide.


When I said I love you my dear,

You felt so irritated, you voice so clear.

What you felt and hear was that I’m fine,

When I was forced to taste my tear so brine.


I know I stopped trying so hard,

Reason I found, there was only me who last.

You seem to be so perfect and happy without me.

Afraid to be a disaster in life of thee.


It’s hard for me to accept that you’re gone,

And you don’t bother if I’m alone.

Don’t want to give up, but I have to,

Burning my soul inside and let go you.


Turning to someone who couldn’t love again,

Don’t want to get hurt and feel same pain,

In my heart that belongs only to you,

Even if you’re not with me, I’ll love you.


It won’t cry ‘coz you are here not,

Tears ready to rush, inside my eyes get clot.

Maybe I deserve this burn, ‘coz you let me burn down,

Till my soul turn to ash, and I myself so down.


Let the old me face its end,

And welcome new me, from darkness I’ve been sent,

With heart of stones with feelings still the same,

Different soul but same love game.


Still I wish,

For once if you come and hold my hand,

I’ll burst down from black clouds, and my eyes will rain on burning sand.

For once you say, you still want to be with me,

I’ll crawl back to you, with zero strength left in me,


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