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The Quiet Speaker



Love is never enough.

Down he goes,
heart in hand.
sweet slow knife,
and drops of blood on sand.

pain inside the broken ribs,
nothing more gracious but wine and grief.
dancing angels summoning devil,
searching for an escape to relief.

Hunting hopes and happiness to kill,
for bridges burnt down to shaded snow.
promises and words; just jumbled lies,
ever does her hear aches,
and soul begs for cries?


What else the world has to offer?
if not suffering and pain.
The pain is inevitable.
and suffering is optional.”
they said.
but sometimes,
sometimes suffering is necessity.
sometimes suffering is inevitable.
sometimes suffering makes us numb.
sometimes suffering is the only choice.


He let his heart burn,
one last time.
for the soul trapped to be free.
thousand tears and infinite scars,
rolling down at hour three.

whiskey smokes,
and mind palace to wander,
trying to find what was never lost.
happiness inside the shell of darkness,
for each smile comes at a cost.

Oh my love.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the pain too?
or was it just me,
befriending the pain,
and hiding with it away from world.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the hollowness in your soul?
as you walked out,
while i was bleeding my knees,
for you to stay and you never looked back.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did your heart skip a beat?
reading my words,
with fragrance of wilted rose,
that once made you smile with tears.

Tell me; Oh my love,
do you ever miss me ?
when you walk under the stars,
shadows hiding beneath your feet,
listening our favorite song.

Moved on

My favorite distraction and my worst daydream,

You managed to hurt me down for way too deep.

I will never get to know,

How can u still haunt me at nights?

When I convince myself all day long,

That it’s been way too long and you’ve moved on,

And now she’s a past and that you were left far behind.

I guess that’s where your magic lies,

Hunting me down so deep in the forest;

Of my own world,

Where sun hasn’t touched ground in decades;

Wounding my bare heart with your love,

That it will burn the forest of self worth down,

Burning each last bit of being original me,

And turning into ash that followed you out of this messed up and burnt forest.

Of all the greatest mysteries,

You will remain my favorite one,

Asking myself every time a star sparks,

How did you manage to make me fall so hard for you?

How did I survive the fall?

But it doesn’t matter now, does it?

When you’re so happy that I am afraid to come near you,

When I have stayed in darkness so long,

The sparks of your eyes will blind me again.

Maybe I will just walk away and won’t turn around,

And will pretend to be the strong guy who’s on his own.

But hey, I’ve moved on,

So what if sometimes my heart aches when I hear your name,

I’ve moved on,

Maybe in some years I will forget how you even look,

Maybe tomorrow I will forget the way you smiled,

When first time you held my hand,

So what, if for now,

I remember how your eyes used to light up after meeting me.

I promise I will forget it,

Maybe tomorrow, maybe in coming years,

Maybe I will find someone to share all those moments again,

Maybe she will also hate me later,

Like the way you feel now,

But right now all that matters is,

I’ve moved on.

I apologize,

I will be bothering you with my words,

Every time I feel my heart skipping beat,

Over all those memories that we’ve had,

Till I move on.

But hey, I’ve moved on. 🙂

Heart and Soul

It’s been a month or so long two,

Am I stuck up in same place where I used to?

You said it was too late for me to apologies,

My heart says; you took time to re-perfect yourself, did she try?

In its reply, a tear rolled out from stoned eye,

And just like a paper boat in magic pond, all my mistakes were floating by its side.

And all the heavy stones of my love and care were thrown in Deep Ocean,

And my still soul plays dead, it shows no emotion.

My heart laughs and says, friend you’re wrong,

You were not meant for her, just stay strong.

New dew followed the stoned eye path again,

Hands wished to wipe them off, decided to let it rain.

A whisper was heard from soul of my dead soul,

And it sounds like a cord choked with coal.

Heart heard its voice-“You ask him to be strong, then tell him how,

She was his strength and she’s gone now,

‘Coz she said-she wasn’t happy being with you,

You Mr. Heart; you turned her away from his view.

You destroyed his strength and then you ask him to be strong,

She hates this guy, you’ll understand after how long?”

Heart wipes his tears in face of blood,

Decided to follow the eyes that have refused the flood.

Now it’s inhaling gasoline with burning ashes,

And walk on clear crystals that she smashes.

It knew it would bleed and it will hurt,

But it smiled as it was the chore of my heart..


Don’t know what I am feeling right now,

Just don’t know what I am feeling inside.

There is something inside that makes me so low,

Something that I never even felt when I lied,

To my heart that I will forget her one day,

 Mistreated and am ready to be in that way.

Feeling everyday aside like a hell,

Burning my wounds and obviously am not well.

Hold my hand and cross your arms,

 Around my neck and let me feel your warms.

 Because I have waited for this time for so long,

 That I now forgot night is gone.

Last night stars seemed so dull than past,

Even today sun is breathing its last.

Today roses wore their mourning gowns,

To walk to my grave of heart so down.

Angel sailed down to take the soul,

Of my heart and it is marked with a hole.

Just broken pieces left in its place,

Your smile is printed in each its base.

Requested you please don’t crush them on,

The thorny land on which am lying for long.

Let me carry my love across so far,

Allow some one to see my tears filled in jar.

You poured them in sea and I lost even those,

Precious Pearls I kept with me so close ♥ ♥ ♥

PSwrote this poem about 2 years ago..

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