Lost pages of my Note-Book

The Quiet Speaker



Oh my love.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the pain too?
or was it just me,
befriending the pain,
and hiding with it away from world.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the hollowness in your soul?
as you walked out,
while i was bleeding my knees,
for you to stay and you never looked back.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did your heart skip a beat?
reading my words,
with fragrance of wilted rose,
that once made you smile with tears.

Tell me; Oh my love,
do you ever miss me ?
when you walk under the stars,
shadows hiding beneath your feet,
listening our favorite song.

Song for an Angel*


All this time I was hoping,

Wishing you to be mine.

Praying for what I didn’t believed in,

And letting myself scream loud in rhyme.


You couldn’t hear my words loud,

Maybe you were addicted to whispers on phone.

I kept your gifts with so proud,

And I saw mine lying on a stone.


I will say I wasn’t hurt,

But don’t know why, a tear dropped out.

My feelings seems to be inert,

They are not going to free me out.


Staring at my broken pieces,

And watching you leave with a door open,

Took a step to stop you before winter freezes,

Thorny glass found its way to bones.


I screamed loud in pain but,

I could see that you were already gone.

Passers by heard my words cut

Bleed, advised me to move on.


When I asked a word, how?

I heard a loud silence around.

Nobody utters a word now.

And I smiled in front of fake crowd.


They stood up to leave me,

Like everyone do this as a hobby.

They never care for what you’ve been with,

Just want to ruin your “leisure cup of coffee”.


But still in between those crowds,

Eyes continue to search for a face.

Hopes she will be the sunlight after dark clouds,

But, she continued moving with that pace.


Later on I knew,

I won’t ever be missed by her.

I hope she never walk into my shoe,

She will fall, ‘Coz forever, her vision will remain blur.


Never show this world what you’ve been,

Just pick those pieces again,

Get used to this feeling of leaving,

And when you’re at a corner, allow your eyes to rain.

A Single Drop

When eyelids were closed and darkness rose,

A tear rolled out and path of cheeks it chose.

As it crossed and touched my lips,

The fragrance of your love was at its tips.

Collected the pearl in my cold hands,

Buried it deep down;

In desert’s burning sand.

Hoped to take it back after a day,

Found sadness and despair; deep down its way.

Tired of searching, till evening I faint,

Head high up and to god I exclaimed;

To cover this golden sand with green paint.

So I can look for a hope in your eyes,

And find my love in your cries.



My actions speak against my pen,

Hurt you sometimes and say I love you then.

The truth is something that remains the same,

The single drop I buried is now heavy rain.

Far from heaven it’s rushing down,

Your wounded pains are getting washed now.

When I’ll open my eyes tomorrow’s morning,

When drop will go dry and we’ll see happiness crawling.

 My heart that is enough hurt because of hurting you,

From next morning, it has promised to pump extra love and care for you…


Cool breeze blowing outside window,

Blowing in rage, making trees bow.

Spreading winter all night long;

Blood got freeze hearing our song.

Your name hit up in my mind,

A smile on my lips, one of its kind.

So much beautiful memories I got,

Times we spent together, so many times we fought.

Love was always there, love is here;

We both shed our tears, but always we care,

For each other, we stayed there for each other,

We never wanted to stay away from other.

You have been an angel, my love of life,

It’s a promise to hold your hand for whole life.


I’ll hug you at your worst,

I won’t let you go at any cost.

Will hold your hand when you’re down,

For your smile, I’ll be your clown.

I will make your life beautiful like star-filled-sky,

Will lend you my shoulder when you want to cry.

I love you my love, I’ll always do,

Whatever be the situation, I’ll fix it for you.

Have engraved your name so deep in my heart,

I’ll preserve it there like an ancient art.

No wind, no obstacle, no flow of rain,

Can erase your name, all their efforts will be in vain.

You are my air I breathe all day,

In whose arms I’ll stay.

For my whole life, with cool breezes,

It’s just for you, my beautiful princess…

The Rain


As I am here with my pen,

Thought of you, and romantic rain.

It’s a cloudy whether and you and me,

Walking together, holding hands we.

Walking for miles on that beautiful street,

Smiling, as we take a peek.

My heart now beats and exclaims,

How beautiful is she!!

My breathe now stops and express,

I am proud of thee.


The rain can take back its water,

The sun can hold its light.

Even when I’m a thousand feet under,

I’ll still get your sight.

Such pretty face, my heart runs out,

Blood in my vein bleeding love loud.

I’ll stay by your side till my end,

I’ll love you always till monsters of hell are sent.

Now the rain is gone, a bright morning sun rose,

To cover this beautiful love path with beautiful rose.

Rolling Stones

All the rolling stones from the uphill,

And my own heart’s will.

Ready to contradict above it all,

My heart’s soul burns, like shooting star it falls,

Those raging stars that crossed up tonight,

That healed me up all night.

New rays over those dews on rose,

And those love songs felt so close.

I got up for new begin,

On that old path, no thorns and no more sin.

Pushing all those bad memories stuffed in a pack,

Down the stairs, below the earth, space it lack.

And the pretty beautiful memories, with your smile,

Hung on side wall, takes a glance all while.


All the things that brought rain in your eyes,

Whenever I was the reason, I apologize.

Now, no more bad memories will ever stuck,

Only my angel’s smile will wish me luck.

I speak all these from my heart’s soul,

And my soul still utters these truths above all.

 All the moment I said Love to you,

I meant with each beat and breath of dew,

And the beautiful dream of my wonderland,

No sorrows, no rains and no burning sand.

No devilish thorn, no monster storm,

All there will be our love so warm.

All the hurricanes that together we’ve seen,

We converted them all to a beautiful scene.


We held each other, and the hurricane crossed,

Looked around and nothing was tossed,

Just you were in my arms with the smile,

That adore your lips and haters feeling vile,

Will again let you know how much I adore you each day,

And will love you till exist these sun ray.

Will make you feel the most pretty girl,

And will hold you forever like a precious pearl..

Reason for her smile

I stay awake in early winter’s night,

under the shadow of dim moon light.

Under these beautiful stars of heaven,

It took long to realize ,clock ran four past from eleven.

I was dreaming of those beautiful eyes,

that do not deserve any single cries.

and those pretty lips,

whose smile is like my good day’s tricks.

A beautiful girl that belong to me,

A pretty princess, my LOVE is she.

It’s my wish to love her forever,

to be a reason for her smile, ever and ever..


I can feel the pain her heart goes through,

when I break some promise that I meant to be true.

It was crazy ,I know it was dumb,

It felt so bad to her, even worse than being numb.

I might have put some tears in her eyes in past,

but I even know to drink it, no long it last.

I accept the fact with her I’ll fight,

Why won’t I when that’s my right.

but with a promise that she’ll be in my arms,

just after she has won the fight with her charms.

All the reasons that’ll make her cry even for a while,

I’ll erase that part off by being a reason for her smile.


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