Lost pages of my Note-Book

The Quiet Speaker

Happy New Year *


Numbers have changed on his calendar pages,
And all the possible ways along,
Seems like he was waiting since ages,
To wake up and write a new song.

Thorns and roses were spread away,
Watching for his feet to bleed,
This new path may served him with glassy way,
But shattered one wasn’t one on to breathe.

Reminded his memories to few minutes ago,
Got back to yesterday,
Where he thought his happiness glows,
And here he is;in a new day.

Took a ride one year back in his mind,
Found the difference between both new year’s eve,
That day was so special and kind,
With someone special holding his sleeve.

This time no one ain’t coming to him,
To hold and wish this day,
Just some numbers have changed;
What’s the difference does that make?

He wanted to call and wish her first,
And wish her the best year ahead,
Afraid of his emotions to get burst,
He allowed his thoughts to be dead.

He prayed for her and striked his pen,
Her initials were engraved over the notes,
By the splashing of ink over the pages,
With teary smile he continued writing quotes.

PS: Happy new year dear readers…i hope this year to be best for you all.. Have a great time ahead..enjoy as much as you can…:):)

PS1:  wrote it last night…forgot to post..:|

Infinite* :


I know its been like infinite days,
To hear your laugh,
To see u smile,
To hold your hand,
Or to call u mine…

Days passed..months…nights screamed
Dawns chirped ,
Dusks took deep breaths.
Those breaths couldn’t delay the dark..

Followed with empty stars,
Constellation and the scars,
Engraved in sky near the shadowed moon,
Enough to guide you away from me…

Opposite road, a smooth path,
Was easy for you to choose,
You saw the light rising,
You saw the bright side there,

You forgot that i collected stars,
Without my reach to them,
Burned my hands while i held first,
Still laid thousands in front of you….

You didn’t realised the reason,
Why there was darkness behind my back,
I snatched all the lights and gifted to you,
Till you smiled and tore me away…

Nightmares that shows beautiful dreams,
Scared that none will come true,
You will keep walking and me waiting,
Till my bones rusts and falls in queue..

Here i stay holding my breath,
Looking at those memories we starred,
Looks up to those empty skies,
That still protects our memories in a graveyard…

Times don’t heal.


Waves of time doesn’t seem so strong to him,
To erase the cravings of her from heat of his.
Repeated burns and gasoline combine inside,
Tears apart soul, even ashes hide.
Afraid to face the truth that she has shown,
Now she’s a stranger whom he had known.
So weak on knees,
He watched her leave,
Couldn’t dare to stop her now,
Coated his feelings inside some stone built heart,
Learned smiling in all life wars.
She couldn’t notice all his love,
His care and respect that he had for her.
Couple fights were stronger than infinite love,
Snatched her away,
He accepts his mistake.
She now smiles, that’s all he wish,
He rests there, with all the memories to kiss.

Parallel world


Let’s pretend it to be real,
Let’s pretend to walk back in time,
Just sometime,
To some place in parallel world,
Where you are holding my hand,
Where i have the right to call you mine,
Eyes in eyes,
Singing some sweet love rhymes.

A place where you could see,
That you are the shine,
And I am the fire,
Burning bright inside,
When you are apart.
Here I am,
Feeding the fire with my soul,
Lighting up your path,
And I can’t see no you and me,
Which used to be the pride of heart.

Let’s travel to that parallel world,
Where you come by my side,
Whispers love note in my ear,
Your eyes speak million words,
And lips just smile,
Spending hours just being with you,
Still calling it just a second,
Wishing you forever and watching wishes come true.

Let’s go to that place,
Why to stay here?
Pain and hurts cover the heart,
No place to escape.
Would you come and hold my hand,
To this new place,
Or just hold my hand and say,
That you too want to stay.
I still wish that someday,
You’ll be with me….

The walk-Lake of tears


Was trying to walk on the lake of tears,
Ice cold surface, but burnt cord with fear,
To be swallowed in depth of black,
Of my heart,
Pushing out red,
From the time you came,
Till i will be gone.
Heart will stay,
From dusk to dawn.
It refuses to move ahead,
Why so dumb is he?
The drug of memories are running in veins,
Why so numb are we?

Crossing under the bridge of love and bliss,
Made of bricks of hope,
Saw you waving me at the edge,
With no fear to fall.
Hoping you to help me out,
To throw me your love rope,
I am freezing here under the darkness,
Don’t burn down this bridge for the warmth,
I can freeze for hours ,
Under this bridge of hope,
Faith exists in some deep corner,
Love still find its way to home,
It’s easy to wait as long as I,
Won’t realize that wave was a goodbye.

Smoke of soul-Rise to heaven


Yes, it hurts to smile,
While my heart breaks inside,
And I,
Can’t fix it ‘coz you,
Yes you, only you can heal it now,
And you’re gone too far somehow,
Lemme find the way and hey,
I wish ,
you say,
For once,
That you want to hold on,
On us, and all the memories we had,
Dreams we saw,
Why am I here,
Watching them all burn to smoke,
And the pain, I feel,
Worse than the sin,
I did, yes, i am here waiting near,
Will wait forever,
Can’t stop never,
Heart won’t let me,
Will try till ever, for once I hope,
You’ll see the smoke,
of soul,
Rise to heaven,
Passing through seven,
Rising high ,
to touch the sky,
Yes I’ve faith, you’ll come back,
To me,
Like we used to be,
For once in my life,
Just you and I.

Tears-The ink of my pen

I know it doesn’t matter now,
What my heart wants to say,
It screams inside my ribs,
Asks to let it go away,
Where it belongs,
To you,
To my love,
Whom I wish to wave,
And grab so tight,
Have that laugh,
That one symbolized our life.

I wish that day to come back,
When i will hold you again,
Will fix all the faults in me,
Will make up everything for we,
Just want you to know,
You complete me,
My soul screams for you,
To hold your hand,

Just want to love you,
With all that i can,
All you have to do is,
Look in my eyes,
Let me know if you see any lies,
You won’t because there ain’t any,
All my words come from a part of it,
Tears are the ink of my fountain pen,
They dry out when placed in heat,
I start writing my feelings in bold,
To have your attention once here,
But till now I only shiver in cold.

Do come back,
Drag me away,
I am freezing here,
Numb is all i can feel,
Swallowed eyes with swallowed heart,
Each losing their breath,
Need love warms in your arms,
Please carry me away.

Nominated for “One Lovely Blogger award”

At first i will thank Girlmeetslife78 for nominating me for my 2nd blog award “one lovely blogger award”. Thank you very much dear reader 🙂

The rules of this award are as follows:

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog
2.List the rules of the award
3.Add seven facts about yourself
4.Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know that they have been nominated!

My next work is to state seven facts about myself.. (Okay..that’s the most difficult task :mrgreen:)
Here it goes:
1.Music is world to me. It’s so normal to find me with my earphones plugged in my ear for almost half the day repeating all my favourite songs.

2. I am a big foodie. 😀

3. I write things out what I feel…Mostly

4. When i am free, only things i do is listen music or write stuffs,or hang out with friends.

5. I am not an extrovert.. Don’t confuse it with that i am introvert because am not an introvert either.

6. Sometimes i just love to sit in a peaceful place alone and enjoy the memories.

7. Travel across many countries-something i will love to do.

Next step is to nominate 15 bloggers:

Here are my nominations:

Can’t stay in dreams, Can’t face reality.

Then after that time,
He knew it’s too late to run and hide.
His own evil deeds scare him throughout the night.
He scrambles and falls in search of light.
But never in that way he was to find her,
‘Coz he never realised she was far away from there.
He faces all demons and monsters and hopes,
That it will end in fairytale way.
Realising princess is running away ,
Not looking back.
He kept his hands wide open,
Hoping she will run to hold them,
Dreams seems perfect to him,
Reality scares as hell.
Can’t stay in dreams,
Can’t face reality,
Where to go,
Looks around.
Drops his heart,
Maybe she will find it one day,
If she travels this path.
And there is he,
Decides to stay in dreams,
For a little more while.

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