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The Quiet Speaker

Smoke of soul-Rise to heaven


Yes, it hurts to smile,
While my heart breaks inside,
And I,
Can’t fix it ‘coz you,
Yes you, only you can heal it now,
And you’re gone too far somehow,
Lemme find the way and hey,
I wish ,
you say,
For once,
That you want to hold on,
On us, and all the memories we had,
Dreams we saw,
Why am I here,
Watching them all burn to smoke,
And the pain, I feel,
Worse than the sin,
I did, yes, i am here waiting near,
Will wait forever,
Can’t stop never,
Heart won’t let me,
Will try till ever, for once I hope,
You’ll see the smoke,
of soul,
Rise to heaven,
Passing through seven,
Rising high ,
to touch the sky,
Yes I’ve faith, you’ll come back,
To me,
Like we used to be,
For once in my life,
Just you and I.


Tears-The ink of my pen

I know it doesn’t matter now,
What my heart wants to say,
It screams inside my ribs,
Asks to let it go away,
Where it belongs,
To you,
To my love,
Whom I wish to wave,
And grab so tight,
Have that laugh,
That one symbolized our life.

I wish that day to come back,
When i will hold you again,
Will fix all the faults in me,
Will make up everything for we,
Just want you to know,
You complete me,
My soul screams for you,
To hold your hand,

Just want to love you,
With all that i can,
All you have to do is,
Look in my eyes,
Let me know if you see any lies,
You won’t because there ain’t any,
All my words come from a part of it,
Tears are the ink of my fountain pen,
They dry out when placed in heat,
I start writing my feelings in bold,
To have your attention once here,
But till now I only shiver in cold.

Do come back,
Drag me away,
I am freezing here,
Numb is all i can feel,
Swallowed eyes with swallowed heart,
Each losing their breath,
Need love warms in your arms,
Please carry me away.

Nominated for “One Lovely Blogger award”

At first i will thank Girlmeetslife78 for nominating me for my 2nd blog award “one lovely blogger award”. Thank you very much dear reader 🙂

The rules of this award are as follows:

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog
2.List the rules of the award
3.Add seven facts about yourself
4.Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know that they have been nominated!

My next work is to state seven facts about myself.. (Okay..that’s the most difficult task :mrgreen:)
Here it goes:
1.Music is world to me. It’s so normal to find me with my earphones plugged in my ear for almost half the day repeating all my favourite songs.

2. I am a big foodie. 😀

3. I write things out what I feel…Mostly

4. When i am free, only things i do is listen music or write stuffs,or hang out with friends.

5. I am not an extrovert.. Don’t confuse it with that i am introvert because am not an introvert either.

6. Sometimes i just love to sit in a peaceful place alone and enjoy the memories.

7. Travel across many countries-something i will love to do.

Next step is to nominate 15 bloggers:

Here are my nominations:

Can’t stay in dreams, Can’t face reality.

Then after that time,
He knew it’s too late to run and hide.
His own evil deeds scare him throughout the night.
He scrambles and falls in search of light.
But never in that way he was to find her,
‘Coz he never realised she was far away from there.
He faces all demons and monsters and hopes,
That it will end in fairytale way.
Realising princess is running away ,
Not looking back.
He kept his hands wide open,
Hoping she will run to hold them,
Dreams seems perfect to him,
Reality scares as hell.
Can’t stay in dreams,
Can’t face reality,
Where to go,
Looks around.
Drops his heart,
Maybe she will find it one day,
If she travels this path.
And there is he,
Decides to stay in dreams,
For a little more while.

If One Day :)

Roses bleed

If one day,
You are at the edge of world,
And you have a fear to fall.
You realise it’s the end of heaven,
And you believe you will be free from all;
Odds and evens of life,
And want to re-live flashbacks of journey,
That you did to come this far,
All the times you smiled and waved,
To all your friends and family,
And all the times when you were happy,
Even when someone was crying to death.
And someone who waited for all,
His life just to see you smile,
Burned in firestorm,
just ‘coz you wanted to smile.
Don’t stop on his part,
Just skip it over,
He has no memories to last,
He has no traces of love.
He smies but his eyes are silent,
He has watched evil deeds,
Tears turning gasoline,
Burned his soul in the hands of monster,
Where it belongs in the end if it.

He just trembles while he sleeps,
Nightmares come from dark,
He gasps the air in his mouth,
To shut out the sound,
While he sobs,
He prays to clouds,
To carry a message to you,
He is standing on the grave yard,
Of love of his and you.
Just come to see the red rose,
That still shines bright,
What you handed him over,
When he came to stay by your side.
The leaves fall,the seasons passed,
Every hour love’s soul wakes up,
To see your footsteps on sand,
And lie back down in coffin,
Assuming they were erased by rain.
He cries in silence and smiles so loud,
Other’s love souls have now began to ask,
Reminding him that,
No rainy season had came so far.
He smiles and nods,
Refuse to believe what he already believe,
Because he has to pretend to be a stone.

When he smiled.

Once and for all that while,
He visited a beautiful place,
Hold his queen by his side,
Leaving behind all his Grace
Told the truth again and again,
He won’t leave her ever.

She had a faith in destiny,
That it will tear them apart.

When his blood swallowed a failure of life,
He wished her to be there.
She had a dream that he need her,
But her belive was too strong .
She couldn’t speak a word of love.
‘Coz she belived that she too will get cursed.
-just like him.

He smiled and cried for her love,
She stood there watching his heart burn to dust.

He picked the remains as memory,
That he gave his all to a princess..
When a storm will hit him again,
He can fight with all his strengths.
He smiled and walked somewhere,
Where he could be happy with memories of her.

The Ignited Soul

For you

You crossed his mind again,
And he can’t help but remember.
All the vows and promises,
And all the memories of him and her.

He couldn’t find a way to escape,
His heart was chain-bound.
He shed his tears to rust the chains,
But the chains couldn’t find its sound.

Heart never was free,
It never will be,
It was always tied with yours,
And you never saw it bleed.

They say times heal the scars,
Wounds fade as time pass.
But they didn’t said him about the ache,
Why didn’t they said it will remain till last ?

Memories are injected in his veins,
Acting as venoms in the blood.
Walking paralyzed on his way,
With the hope that she will read his word.

Happy friendship day #1

Hello people 🙂
As i said in my last post i will share my times with my best friend … So here it goes 🙂
At first let me introduce you all to her…
Whenever someone ask me about people I trust,I can never forget to take her name. Each time people pin me down and give me thousands of reason why i should not trust people, then i have sparky and i know that trusting people isn’t that wrong.

Yeah, Sparky that’s the name with which i call be precise even i don’t know how and why i gave her this nickname but yeah it’s cool between us now 😀

For me it was like a trend, whenever i said any person how important he/she is to me,that person always left me(i guess that’s funny too) but all this while she is the person who stayed when i said you are important to me..and yes,she is..she is important to me. 🙂

It’s not like we never fight but yeah, that fight doesn’t count if i win, 😀 she has a rule , only she can win a fight, an argument, a challenge.
Readers, you know what’s best about her, she is real and doesn’t know how to backbite others. She speaks right on face what’s right and what’s not.  

We’ve been best friends since last 4-5 years..and i know more years of best memories are yet to come..though you are in somewhat different state but you will be the best person i ever know. Times change ..people also change ..but all i want is our friendship shouldn’t.. Afterall where will i get a crazy friend like you..

Cheers to our friendship..cheers to our bond..cheers for you.. And smile forever…

Thank you for being my friend..thank you for always being with me, thank you for everything..and you should know that i am always there for you 🙂

Reminds me of Bruno Mars-Count on me

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
And you’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

Happy friendship day Sparky 🙂 (i know am little late to wish here)

Happy Friendship day*

At first, Happy Friendship day to all my dear readers 🙂

I started this blog around 7 months ago with no perfect aim, and then i met you all-amongst whom i don’t even know many(any) person personally, but the way you all have showed your love and care with all your likes and comments…I am overwhelmed . 🙂

Thank you dear readers,
You all have given me reasons to smile,reason to stay happy, motivated me at my bad times. For all these i can’t thank you enough . 🙂 All the sincere have a special place in my heart.

All my friends who are reading this, Happy friendship day my pals..enjoy your day with your best buddies, and keep this day as a memorable day of your life, do all thr silly things and laugh out loud on even worst jokes.. Make this day your best day dear readers 🙂 .

PS : this friendship day post will continue for next post also..where i will like to share about my bestie 🙂

Happy Friendship day 🙂

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