Lost pages of my Note-Book

The Quiet Speaker



Oh my love.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the pain too?
or was it just me,
befriending the pain,
and hiding with it away from world.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did you feel the hollowness in your soul?
as you walked out,
while i was bleeding my knees,
for you to stay and you never looked back.

Tell me; Oh my love,
did your heart skip a beat?
reading my words,
with fragrance of wilted rose,
that once made you smile with tears.

Tell me; Oh my love,
do you ever miss me ?
when you walk under the stars,
shadows hiding beneath your feet,
listening our favorite song.

The battle

Searching peace amidst the chaos,

And setting fire to his world,

Holding bridge for her to cross it safe,

And burning it from other end.

Stretching hands for her to hold it once,

And then pushing​ her miles away.

Screaming loud for the love of her,

And cutting his throat to make no sound.

Destructive war of heart and mind,

And pushing her away to keep her safe.



It was late that night,

He couldn’t help but remember himself.

The way he used to be,

The way he used to see,

This world from some other eye,

Now he can see all the angels cry.


He was there but not anymore,

People can see him but no one knows,

He isn’t the person they are meeting,

He isn’t the one they are looking for,

He is a soldier in the middle of war,

Heart seems winning, brain losing its throne.


Search for him in the crowd of fake,

Curse him as long as he can take,

He can take all the blames,

Just shout out his name,

Maybe he forgot to put on the mask,

Maybe for some more scars, she had asked.


He must have gone to the same old desert,

Where rains flood the land and flowers love to burn.

Thorns wait at the entrance,

Beneath those bed of rose,

He knew it will hurt,

Still that was the way he chose.


Now all he does is walk through and gift her joy,

Of the scars he has and the wounds as teddy toy.             

All she does is decorate the same,

In a place where he hides his memories,

And hugs the pain,

Watching his past freeze, smiling as insane.


PS: Dear followers, Sorry for being little inactive. :/  Will try to be active now as much as possible.

PS2: Wrote this few months ago.

Nominated for “One Lovely Blogger award”

At first i will thank Girlmeetslife78 for nominating me for my 2nd blog award “one lovely blogger award”. Thank you very much dear reader 🙂

The rules of this award are as follows:

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog
2.List the rules of the award
3.Add seven facts about yourself
4.Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know that they have been nominated!

My next work is to state seven facts about myself.. (Okay..that’s the most difficult task :mrgreen:)
Here it goes:
1.Music is world to me. It’s so normal to find me with my earphones plugged in my ear for almost half the day repeating all my favourite songs.

2. I am a big foodie. 😀

3. I write things out what I feel…Mostly

4. When i am free, only things i do is listen music or write stuffs,or hang out with friends.

5. I am not an extrovert.. Don’t confuse it with that i am introvert because am not an introvert either.

6. Sometimes i just love to sit in a peaceful place alone and enjoy the memories.

7. Travel across many countries-something i will love to do.

Next step is to nominate 15 bloggers:

Here are my nominations:

Happy friendship day #1

Hello people 🙂
As i said in my last post i will share my times with my best friend … So here it goes 🙂
At first let me introduce you all to her…
Whenever someone ask me about people I trust,I can never forget to take her name. Each time people pin me down and give me thousands of reason why i should not trust people, then i have sparky and i know that trusting people isn’t that wrong.

Yeah, Sparky that’s the name with which i call be precise even i don’t know how and why i gave her this nickname but yeah it’s cool between us now 😀

For me it was like a trend, whenever i said any person how important he/she is to me,that person always left me(i guess that’s funny too) but all this while she is the person who stayed when i said you are important to me..and yes,she is..she is important to me. 🙂

It’s not like we never fight but yeah, that fight doesn’t count if i win, 😀 she has a rule , only she can win a fight, an argument, a challenge.
Readers, you know what’s best about her, she is real and doesn’t know how to backbite others. She speaks right on face what’s right and what’s not.  

We’ve been best friends since last 4-5 years..and i know more years of best memories are yet to come..though you are in somewhat different state but you will be the best person i ever know. Times change ..people also change ..but all i want is our friendship shouldn’t.. Afterall where will i get a crazy friend like you..

Cheers to our friendship..cheers to our bond..cheers for you.. And smile forever…

Thank you for being my friend..thank you for always being with me, thank you for everything..and you should know that i am always there for you 🙂

Reminds me of Bruno Mars-Count on me

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
And you’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

Happy friendship day Sparky 🙂 (i know am little late to wish here)

Happy Friendship day*

At first, Happy Friendship day to all my dear readers 🙂

I started this blog around 7 months ago with no perfect aim, and then i met you all-amongst whom i don’t even know many(any) person personally, but the way you all have showed your love and care with all your likes and comments…I am overwhelmed . 🙂

Thank you dear readers,
You all have given me reasons to smile,reason to stay happy, motivated me at my bad times. For all these i can’t thank you enough . 🙂 All the sincere have a special place in my heart.

All my friends who are reading this, Happy friendship day my pals..enjoy your day with your best buddies, and keep this day as a memorable day of your life, do all thr silly things and laugh out loud on even worst jokes.. Make this day your best day dear readers 🙂 .

PS : this friendship day post will continue for next post also..where i will like to share about my bestie 🙂

Happy Friendship day 🙂

*Don’t Forget Me*

Don’t forget me..just keep me in your heart..just a small place..


I risked it;
Threw caution to the wind
& then i missed it
Missed my chance with you
I could’ve fixed it
Fixed it just for you
But we must have jinxed it
There’s nothing I can do.

But don’t forget me-
Don’t forget our love
And don’t resent me;
Keep me in your heart
& maybe one day
We’ll never be apart
Who knows, this “ending”
Might only be the start.

But if it isn’t
There’s nothing left to do.
You know a piece of me
Will always belong to you;
& i’m not bluffing
You know for a fact it’s true
So don’t forget me…
Don’t forget about me and you.

Don't Forget Me

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Last Day in School: The Dilemma

As he walked in his school gate today he didn’t had even an iota of thought that he…he will feel like this. The guy who hated school all his life was feeling this. An unusual thought for him and it was troubling his mind. A very unusual feeling… SUDDENLY HE STARTED LIKING HIS SCHOOL. Unbelievable. But there was a reason… “It was his last day in school”… Yup… His school life ended.

But he was confused.

In those past 13 Years he never really wished to go to school. Each morning he cursed the person who invented this school. But today…

Did sun rose from west?

Did stars came out in daylight?

Did deer ate up a lion in the forest?

He had no idea what was going on. Till he was in school campus everything seemed alright .he was still hating school as usual… When the final bell rang out and they all were ordered to go home and as he stepped out of his school campus, a thunder strike hit his mind…


                         How will I make fun of teachers?

                        How will I destroy those benches?

             How will I enjoy small moments with my friends?

 He looked back at his school… yup the same huge building that he cursed all his life…

The same building where he made all his friends…

“Some best friends

Some very good friends

Some mean friends

Some awesome friends

Some beautiful faces of his life

And    some of his crushes”

And again a thought hit his mind…


“Will they miss me too?

Will they ever make an effort to stay in touch with me?

Will they ever make an effort to contact me?”


He was standing right in front of school gate and watching the whole crowd of his classmates running around him.

Friends talking with each other, clicking some pictures for their memories, giving each other a warm hug and promising to stay in touch…but well… no one knows for how long this promise will be kept…


He stood there, suddenly he found some of his friends and they asked him to take a picture with them.

How could he say no when those faces will be hard to see?

He saw his bus approaching him. Yup the bus part. The journey from our home to school was easy with this bus ride. (God bless the one who invented wheels J ;))

The speed of bus was not more than 20kmph and he jumped on the bus taking one leap. His friends… Yup his friends were at the last seat of the bus. He went straight back there and his friends… As always in smiling faces.

He was still in the middle of the same dilemma… whether to hate the school or love his school. And suddenly his friends took out their camera and the photo session began… everyone’s photo with everyone-well, that was the “only” rule and with due permission of all, his friends chose him as the “photographer” well, he instantly grabbed the camera and followed the simple rule- everyone’s photo with everyone . After clicking some photos it was his turn to get clicked…

Posing in all the possible weird ways, he realized-“it is the last time I am traveling in this bus… no more brainless talks and infinite fun in the journey to way back home with these crazy friends…”

Well there ends the photo session…

After the complete photo session and all the other craziness he went back home.


He was still in the same confusion-whether to hate his school or love it. J

He decided to leave the decision to the most superior power-“TIME


There’s only one thing he was sure about…

That he will miss   his friends.

All the fun in the class.

All the fun in bus.

And all the other crazy things.



And then, there goes a full stop in his school life……………

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