Łukasz Kowalewski_Sketch_akZiSA

Those fake words that I spoke,

Trust me I meant all those.

When I said you’re my life,

I mean it whether dead or alive.

I love you my heart can’t explain how much,

I fell completely fine with your one touch.

Et tu thought I don’t love you,

I do much more than you feel me to.

I mistreated you out of every second,

I was a devil and now am a monster vacant,

No changes from past a year,

Just hurt you twice thousand more my dear.

I lost all feeling and respect from your heart,

That was not your mistake, consequences to hurt.

I probably was just so bad,

I deserve this pain, even more than that.

About three thousand chances that I took,

In three hundred days at past when I look.

Saw no changes in devil’s act,

As same as I was in thorny pack.

You always loved me more than you,

What I returned was thorny dew.

Unintentionally I hurt you a lot,

Like you my enemy that you’re not.

You tolerated me to an extreme level you did,

Even if I get on my knees and bleed, I can’t repay it…..