Let’s pretend it to be real,
Let’s pretend to walk back in time,
Just sometime,
To some place in parallel world,
Where you are holding my hand,
Where i have the right to call you mine,
Eyes in eyes,
Singing some sweet love rhymes.

A place where you could see,
That you are the shine,
And I am the fire,
Burning bright inside,
When you are apart.
Here I am,
Feeding the fire with my soul,
Lighting up your path,
And I can’t see no you and me,
Which used to be the pride of heart.

Let’s travel to that parallel world,
Where you come by my side,
Whispers love note in my ear,
Your eyes speak million words,
And lips just smile,
Spending hours just being with you,
Still calling it just a second,
Wishing you forever and watching wishes come true.

Let’s go to that place,
Why to stay here?
Pain and hurts cover the heart,
No place to escape.
Would you come and hold my hand,
To this new place,
Or just hold my hand and say,
That you too want to stay.
I still wish that someday,
You’ll be with me….