Was trying to walk on the lake of tears,
Ice cold surface, but burnt cord with fear,
To be swallowed in depth of black,
Of my heart,
Pushing out red,
From the time you came,
Till i will be gone.
Heart will stay,
From dusk to dawn.
It refuses to move ahead,
Why so dumb is he?
The drug of memories are running in veins,
Why so numb are we?

Crossing under the bridge of love and bliss,
Made of bricks of hope,
Saw you waving me at the edge,
With no fear to fall.
Hoping you to help me out,
To throw me your love rope,
I am freezing here under the darkness,
Don’t burn down this bridge for the warmth,
I can freeze for hours ,
Under this bridge of hope,
Faith exists in some deep corner,
Love still find its way to home,
It’s easy to wait as long as I,
Won’t realize that wave was a goodbye.