Yes, it hurts to smile,
While my heart breaks inside,
And I,
Can’t fix it ‘coz you,
Yes you, only you can heal it now,
And you’re gone too far somehow,
Lemme find the way and hey,
I wish ,
you say,
For once,
That you want to hold on,
On us, and all the memories we had,
Dreams we saw,
Why am I here,
Watching them all burn to smoke,
And the pain, I feel,
Worse than the sin,
I did, yes, i am here waiting near,
Will wait forever,
Can’t stop never,
Heart won’t let me,
Will try till ever, for once I hope,
You’ll see the smoke,
of soul,
Rise to heaven,
Passing through seven,
Rising high ,
to touch the sky,
Yes I’ve faith, you’ll come back,
To me,
Like we used to be,
For once in my life,
Just you and I.