I know it doesn’t matter now,
What my heart wants to say,
It screams inside my ribs,
Asks to let it go away,
Where it belongs,
To you,
To my love,
Whom I wish to wave,
And grab so tight,
Have that laugh,
That one symbolized our life.

I wish that day to come back,
When i will hold you again,
Will fix all the faults in me,
Will make up everything for we,
Just want you to know,
You complete me,
My soul screams for you,
To hold your hand,

Just want to love you,
With all that i can,
All you have to do is,
Look in my eyes,
Let me know if you see any lies,
You won’t because there ain’t any,
All my words come from a part of it,
Tears are the ink of my fountain pen,
They dry out when placed in heat,
I start writing my feelings in bold,
To have your attention once here,
But till now I only shiver in cold.

Do come back,
Drag me away,
I am freezing here,
Numb is all i can feel,
Swallowed eyes with swallowed heart,
Each losing their breath,
Need love warms in your arms,
Please carry me away.