Then after that time,
He knew it’s too late to run and hide.
His own evil deeds scare him throughout the night.
He scrambles and falls in search of light.
But never in that way he was to find her,
‘Coz he never realised she was far away from there.
He faces all demons and monsters and hopes,
That it will end in fairytale way.
Realising princess is running away ,
Not looking back.
He kept his hands wide open,
Hoping she will run to hold them,
Dreams seems perfect to him,
Reality scares as hell.
Can’t stay in dreams,
Can’t face reality,
Where to go,
Looks around.
Drops his heart,
Maybe she will find it one day,
If she travels this path.
And there is he,
Decides to stay in dreams,
For a little more while.