Roses bleed

If one day,
You are at the edge of world,
And you have a fear to fall.
You realise it’s the end of heaven,
And you believe you will be free from all;
Odds and evens of life,
And want to re-live flashbacks of journey,
That you did to come this far,
All the times you smiled and waved,
To all your friends and family,
And all the times when you were happy,
Even when someone was crying to death.
And someone who waited for all,
His life just to see you smile,
Burned in firestorm,
just ‘coz you wanted to smile.
Don’t stop on his part,
Just skip it over,
He has no memories to last,
He has no traces of love.
He smies but his eyes are silent,
He has watched evil deeds,
Tears turning gasoline,
Burned his soul in the hands of monster,
Where it belongs in the end if it.

He just trembles while he sleeps,
Nightmares come from dark,
He gasps the air in his mouth,
To shut out the sound,
While he sobs,
He prays to clouds,
To carry a message to you,
He is standing on the grave yard,
Of love of his and you.
Just come to see the red rose,
That still shines bright,
What you handed him over,
When he came to stay by your side.
The leaves fall,the seasons passed,
Every hour love’s soul wakes up,
To see your footsteps on sand,
And lie back down in coffin,
Assuming they were erased by rain.
He cries in silence and smiles so loud,
Other’s love souls have now began to ask,
Reminding him that,
No rainy season had came so far.
He smiles and nods,
Refuse to believe what he already believe,
Because he has to pretend to be a stone.