Once and for all that while,
He visited a beautiful place,
Hold his queen by his side,
Leaving behind all his Grace
Told the truth again and again,
He won’t leave her ever.

She had a faith in destiny,
That it will tear them apart.

When his blood swallowed a failure of life,
He wished her to be there.
She had a dream that he need her,
But her belive was too strong .
She couldn’t speak a word of love.
‘Coz she belived that she too will get cursed.
-just like him.

He smiled and cried for her love,
She stood there watching his heart burn to dust.

He picked the remains as memory,
That he gave his all to a princess..
When a storm will hit him again,
He can fight with all his strengths.
He smiled and walked somewhere,
Where he could be happy with memories of her.