Just another second passes by,
Kissing my scars you made.
Moments tickle my teary eye,
And I feel guilty for each word I said.

Craving love underneath my skin,
Finding ways through veins.
Emotions are at their tips,
Searching Some barren land to rain.

Travelling through tunnels,
Yes I am afraid of lights.
It reminds me of burns,
And fire to which my heart was thrown.

Each wind reminds me of you,
Hopes they touched your skin.
And ask them to carry your fragrance before they flew,
I can’t control my feelings if you say they are my another sin.

Am ready to take that blame for thousand times,
Let the blame assure me that one day you will be mine.
It hurts when you say loving me was your crime,
And you won’t commit same sin again.

‘Coz I am ready to give up this world for you,
All you have to ask me once.
I will walk past infinite thorns to hold you,
Won’t you cross just a rose bed for once?

I still remember when you said you won’t give up,
Are all vows are just empty word?
Don’t they deserve to be fulfilled ?
They are waiting for freedom of your love bird.

I know I made some mistakes,
Another chance is what I dream of.
‘Coz times have changed and so am I,
I will be the reason of your smile like I said before.

I wish you had fought for me,
I wish you had tried to stop me.
I waited all my nights hoping you will miss me,
And I couldn’t see any angel wishing for me.

Yes I accept I was the demon,
But you were the angel of me.
Just a bad moment and you walked away,
I wish you had hold my hands then.

I screamed in pain that I need your love,
and “it’s okay” was the reply that i got.
I wanted you by my side that moment.
But all you did was walk by.

I remind beautiful times and pray for you,
Beg to god to listen to me.
Just have her back in my life ,
Love is all I will give to thee.

Just take a step and let me know you’re here for me,
And I will leave everything just to be yours,
Hold me once my love,
I am nothing without you.

Will dance in rain holding you,
Will sing love songs softly in your ears.
Will break down obstacles if they try to hurt you,
And will fall for you more with each passing years.