For you

Why can’t this happen again?
Why can’t I feel love rain?
When clouds cover the bright sun?
Why am I the one,looking for sun ray?

When I stand on a crossroad,
And there’s no place I could go.
I reminded the  path you chose,
And hoped to meet you again.

Take a step to me
I’ll take the rest for you,
Even walking on path of burning coal,
Is path worth walking for you.

Give yourself a moment,
Take a look at my world too.
Its sinking deep in ocean,
Of fires and blues.

I could see that you’ve gone too far,
There’s no turning back.
No holding hands,only the scar,
That I’ve to hold forever in my heart.

These scars though ,bleed so pain,
Still I keep them close.
If I let them go,I can’t,
My beats scream,that’s what they want
This is the time I’ve needed you the most,
Somebody to hold me and show me path that I’ve lost.
But its so sad that I can’t find a way,
To get you back,getting weaker day by day.

If you get to read this,
Know that I am right here waiting for you.
To let you know all I need is you,
Just say something,don’t want to give up on you ..