All this time I was hoping,

Wishing you to be mine.

Praying for what I didn’t believed in,

And letting myself scream loud in rhyme.


You couldn’t hear my words loud,

Maybe you were addicted to whispers on phone.

I kept your gifts with so proud,

And I saw mine lying on a stone.


I will say I wasn’t hurt,

But don’t know why, a tear dropped out.

My feelings seems to be inert,

They are not going to free me out.


Staring at my broken pieces,

And watching you leave with a door open,

Took a step to stop you before winter freezes,

Thorny glass found its way to bones.


I screamed loud in pain but,

I could see that you were already gone.

Passers by heard my words cut

Bleed, advised me to move on.


When I asked a word, how?

I heard a loud silence around.

Nobody utters a word now.

And I smiled in front of fake crowd.


They stood up to leave me,

Like everyone do this as a hobby.

They never care for what you’ve been with,

Just want to ruin your “leisure cup of coffee”.


But still in between those crowds,

Eyes continue to search for a face.

Hopes she will be the sunlight after dark clouds,

But, she continued moving with that pace.


Later on I knew,

I won’t ever be missed by her.

I hope she never walk into my shoe,

She will fall, ‘Coz forever, her vision will remain blur.


Never show this world what you’ve been,

Just pick those pieces again,

Get used to this feeling of leaving,

And when you’re at a corner, allow your eyes to rain.