Broken HeartDoes your heart face a battle too?

Doesn’t it bleed blood to show you that it’s hurt?

Don’t you hear the question it’s asking you?

Why is it that you left its half to burn in dirt?


Don’t you remember the time we met?

Our spines were chilled to the core of its end.

Don’t you remember the vow me made?

That we will hold each other’s hand till our end.


Isn’t it sad that you moved on too fast?

Isn’t it sad that I still tried so hard?

Don’t you think if you could have taken one step in past;

Our world would have been different, showing love card.


Don’t you think punishment I received was too much for my sin?

Just loving you was my crime, try to keep you close was my dream.

When you were with me my queen, I felt as great as a king.

But now I lost the war, and now have to roam around under hot steam.


For once in a while, do I cross your mind?

Does our love memories are able to bring you a smile?

Do you ever look for our picture in you heart and smile when you find?

Do you ever wish for once, to bring us back in future some time?


Do you feel proud to call me “once a part of life”?

Does your heart secretly wish to repeat this again?

Don’t you hold your pillow at night?

And wish to “wishing star” to bring us back again?