It’s been a month or so long two,

Am I stuck up in same place where I used to?

You said it was too late for me to apologies,

My heart says; you took time to re-perfect yourself, did she try?

In its reply, a tear rolled out from stoned eye,

And just like a paper boat in magic pond, all my mistakes were floating by its side.

And all the heavy stones of my love and care were thrown in Deep Ocean,

And my still soul plays dead, it shows no emotion.

My heart laughs and says, friend you’re wrong,

You were not meant for her, just stay strong.

New dew followed the stoned eye path again,

Hands wished to wipe them off, decided to let it rain.

A whisper was heard from soul of my dead soul,

And it sounds like a cord choked with coal.

Heart heard its voice-“You ask him to be strong, then tell him how,

She was his strength and she’s gone now,

‘Coz she said-she wasn’t happy being with you,

You Mr. Heart; you turned her away from his view.

You destroyed his strength and then you ask him to be strong,

She hates this guy, you’ll understand after how long?”

Heart wipes his tears in face of blood,

Decided to follow the eyes that have refused the flood.

Now it’s inhaling gasoline with burning ashes,

And walk on clear crystals that she smashes.

It knew it would bleed and it will hurt,

But it smiled as it was the chore of my heart..