It was a nice weather in the evening today, cool breezes with red sky and a sun going to take a nap in paradise. I, having all the leisure time in my pocket was sitting right in front of my PC..Keyboard in front of me, Coffee in my left hand and an empty mind where a constant battle was going on, Battle on the topic what to do now, battle on the topic on which i should write something.

My eyes must have crossed the keyboard for more than hundred times and then suddenly my eyes were stuck at one key…”BACKSPACE KEY” Yup, the key next to a key with + sign..addition sign.. (What a contrast) …the key that delete everything is sitting right next to a key which is meant to add up things.

A thought hit up my mind, This key has been hiding the emotions of a person from the time of it’s born… many times, around the globe , a lover..a one sided lover grabs all his strength in his fingers and types his emotions to someone who means a lot to him, but while they complete writing their emotions , a fear grab their hand and forcefully drag it to this key..this cursed key. many times a person is so desperate to let other know about their feelings that they might spend the whole night thinking what and how to write…but this backspace key turns down their will.There are many times a person types all the truth that he feels but end up in wiping his tears and erasing all his words and pretend he never wrote anything .

Imagine a world where there would have been no backspace was to be meant that ,one who writes anything in message box must be sent to that person.. how many beautiful people would have been happy around..there wouldn’t be any lie from the side of true lover.

Dear Backspace key,

Please improve your intelligence and decide whether the message should be sent or not..please learn to decide true feelings and help each person.

PS : most of us must have done this..agree ?