Thoughts that I keep in my closet of mind,

My heart read them out with each passing wind.

A fear keeps knocking, I can’t convey all time,

The door is locked, it’s wiping deep behind.

Got my only treasure in face of you,

Want to protect my shade of dew.

I feel rich and proud with you around,

Afraid to go poor, to lose my treasure somewhere in ground.

I don’t love to hurt you all the time,

Neither can hide my fear nor feel to explain in rhyme.

Just want to drive to you with my heart out,

And grab you near and scream without shout.

Softly in your ear will sing the song that you like,

And then hold your hand and say, yes you’re my life.

Just want to feel your love too,

Once hold my hand and say-I’m with you.


When situation goes hard, and when time’s bad,

I know I misbehave like an arrogant lad.

But my love and respect remains the same,

Feels I am right yet I accept all blame.

I sometimes feel I was right,

That’s my opinion, in my sight.

Maybe I was wrong too that time,

But you could hold my hand even that time.

When things are hard and I am impossible,

Can you please hold my hand and say –WE‘re possible.

I promise to smile and hold you tight,

I too need your loving hand after the fight.

It feels so good to know you’re here,

Feels so good in heart which is with you my dear.

I might be someone worst to handle,

But as you do, please handle with care.


Sometimes I realize I do think a lot,

Sometimes I feel I make you sad at all.

The happiness of my heart wants to come out,

But in the form of love to show you aloud.

Just few loving words one day when you’ll speak,

And hug me tightly and say you’ll never let me leave.

I’ll smile with two pearls of water running from eyes,

You mustn’t be worried, that aren’t my cries.

It’s my heart’s feel running out,

In the water feelings are oozing out.

I’ll just hold you and say my dear,

You’re beautiful and my treasure.

You’re my world and my reason,

To live with smile in every season.

I’ll never let you go, how could I ?

When you kept my heart, taking care with so pride.