‘Cos it has been so long since you said that you care,

When you held your breathe and in each others eyes we stare.

It’s been so long since you said love to me,

Now increasing distance between us is all I can see.


Things went wrong and you gave up on us,

I tried for months and now my strength has rust.

Maybe I was always so bad to you,

Probably I lit up a fire in front of dew.


I still feel ache deep in my heart,

It’s converting to stone with which it was hurt.

It won’t feel any love, no more now,

Want to hold back my tear but don’t know how?


Want to grab you in my arms,

And ask for forgiveness in your warms.

Wish to have you by my side,

To love you more with open arms wide.


When I said I love you my dear,

You felt so irritated, you voice so clear.

What you felt and hear was that I’m fine,

When I was forced to taste my tear so brine.


I know I stopped trying so hard,

Reason I found, there was only me who last.

You seem to be so perfect and happy without me.

Afraid to be a disaster in life of thee.


It’s hard for me to accept that you’re gone,

And you don’t bother if I’m alone.

Don’t want to give up, but I have to,

Burning my soul inside and let go you.


Turning to someone who couldn’t love again,

Don’t want to get hurt and feel same pain,

In my heart that belongs only to you,

Even if you’re not with me, I’ll love you.


It won’t cry ‘coz you are here not,

Tears ready to rush, inside my eyes get clot.

Maybe I deserve this burn, ‘coz you let me burn down,

Till my soul turn to ash, and I myself so down.


Let the old me face its end,

And welcome new me, from darkness I’ve been sent,

With heart of stones with feelings still the same,

Different soul but same love game.


Still I wish,

For once if you come and hold my hand,

I’ll burst down from black clouds, and my eyes will rain on burning sand.

For once you say, you still want to be with me,

I’ll crawl back to you, with zero strength left in me,