There comes a moment in your life..when you realize that there’s no more fear of losing something…

there’s no more fear of getting broken..there’s no more fear that you’ll that special someone…there’s no more fear that your dreams will be broken..there’s a moment when you realize that you’ve got nothing to lose… because everything you wished for is already gone…everything you ever dreamed is gone…once you’ve nothing then you have no fear of losing…

And that’s the moment when you feel that – “what can be more worse than this” and then you pick yourself up…pick your self-confidence …all your remaining strength and your broken pieces….stick a mask of smile on your face and crawl away with zero strength the walls of life the walls of success….

“ONE who is grounded has no fear to fall”

“Having bad phase only ensures that next moment whatever happens it will be better than present”


“stay positive…bleed positive”