For you maybe my pain just a matter of joke,

A gossip with your friends about my broke.

Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea, 

With your friends near the shed of the tree. 

But you forgot to add my tears in it, 

It would have increased its sweetness a little bit,

You must be happy with your won, 

Got fame in friends and left me alone.

I believed your lies and accepted them,

You hurt me thrice and I forgot them.

With a hope that there will be a day,

When you will realize what I meant to say.

That you are the one, whom I care about,

That I will always help you, without a doubt.

Then after days passed and I kept my anticipate,

You never really realized and suddenly it was too late.

You even told me that I meant something to you,

But at that while I kept watching old memories in dew,

Like a helpless I was waiting for my luck,

With a broken heart and soul that really suck

You got busy with one, who seemed fortunate,

To get you in his life and I could only wait.

For your wind to blow in my favor,

But soon I realized it will happen never.

Wanted to move on, was afraid to be hold,

But I felt the touch of a caring hand hold.

That was my friend who supported me then,

Put a smile on my face and trusted me then.

She taught me to smile in front of you,

And I learned to be shut in front of few.

I hurt myself to cover the pain,

But was worthless as described my pen.

Hope you and your friends have laughed a lot,

On my tears that will hardly CLOT!!!!!