A new notification this morning… a comment from Pragati – ” I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 ” ….though i knew nothing about this award,,but 1 word -“AWARD” ..isn’t it enough to bring a smile

on someone’s face ?

then i read her whole post and i came to know what this award is all about..but then i first would like to thank Pragati for this kind nomination.

So …As i came to know, this award is a chain award and a way to interact with bloggers ..

it’s rules are simple though :-

1.thank the person who nominated you.

2.You have to answer the questions asked by nominator.

3.nominate 10 other bloggers(who have less than 300 followers) and link them.

4. Create 10 new questions for the nominees to answer.

5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

So.. at first i have to answer Pragati’s questions.

1.Since how long are you writing ? 

I am writing poems and stuffs since 2-3 years..I don’t remember exactly.. but I started blogging around a month ago.. 🙂

2.Tell me the most interesting part of the blog ?

 most interesting part of blog is blog itself..i can read views and writings of people across the globe and feel connected to them…

3.Where do you spend most of the time apart from writing and blogging? 

Studying..(i need to…some important exams are coming up..) apart from that i love listening music…

4.Do you read books and of which kind ?  

No.. i don’t read books..

5.What excites you the most ?

 My loved ones, my friends, music

6.What would you prefer – noodles or street food ? 

Street Food..(people say they are unhealthy…why god ?? they are damn delicious ) 😛

7.Do you pen down first or directly blog ?

 I pen down first..(i can’t expect my readers to like my posts unless i don’t like them)

8.What do you fear the most in Life ?  

Don’t really know..

9.What would you prefer a lifelong Love Tie or simply a crush ?

 i prefer a lifelong love tie..(if it is ready to last forever) ..but crushes are also awesome feeling… 🙂 🙂

10.What would you prefer – An Eiffel Tower in Paris or Leaning tower of Pisa and why ?

 I will prefer An Eiffel tower of Paris …well..simply because it’s fascinating and beautiful..

Now it’s my turn to nominate, My nominations are :

1. Piyush Rohankar

2. between the pages

3. Apoorva kulkarni-my thoughts

4. Miscellaneous Dreams

5. open window thoughts

6. Wounds to feel

7. the eyes of the innocent

8. lock up your poetry

9. the writing life

10. steady feet don’t fail me now

My 10 questions are :

1. what inspired you to start blogging ?

2. what’s the best song you heard in past month ?

3. what is your hobby ?

4. your biggest achievement ?

5. the best movie you ever watched ?

6. the country you want to visit?

7. A celebrity you admire?

8. your favorite quote ?

9. things you admire in a people?

10. things you hate in a people ?