When eyelids were closed and darkness rose,

A tear rolled out and path of cheeks it chose.

As it crossed and touched my lips,

The fragrance of your love was at its tips.

Collected the pearl in my cold hands,

Buried it deep down;

In desert’s burning sand.

Hoped to take it back after a day,

Found sadness and despair; deep down its way.

Tired of searching, till evening I faint,

Head high up and to god I exclaimed;

To cover this golden sand with green paint.

So I can look for a hope in your eyes,

And find my love in your cries.



My actions speak against my pen,

Hurt you sometimes and say I love you then.

The truth is something that remains the same,

The single drop I buried is now heavy rain.

Far from heaven it’s rushing down,

Your wounded pains are getting washed now.

When I’ll open my eyes tomorrow’s morning,

When drop will go dry and we’ll see happiness crawling.

 My heart that is enough hurt because of hurting you,

From next morning, it has promised to pump extra love and care for you…