Don’t know what I am feeling right now,

Just don’t know what I am feeling inside.

There is something inside that makes me so low,

Something that I never even felt when I lied,

To my heart that I will forget her one day,

 Mistreated and am ready to be in that way.

Feeling everyday aside like a hell,

Burning my wounds and obviously am not well.

Hold my hand and cross your arms,

 Around my neck and let me feel your warms.

 Because I have waited for this time for so long,

 That I now forgot night is gone.

Last night stars seemed so dull than past,

Even today sun is breathing its last.

Today roses wore their mourning gowns,

To walk to my grave of heart so down.

Angel sailed down to take the soul,

Of my heart and it is marked with a hole.

Just broken pieces left in its place,

Your smile is printed in each its base.

Requested you please don’t crush them on,

The thorny land on which am lying for long.

Let me carry my love across so far,

Allow some one to see my tears filled in jar.

You poured them in sea and I lost even those,

Precious Pearls I kept with me so close ♥ ♥ ♥

PSwrote this poem about 2 years ago..