Cool breeze blowing outside window,

Blowing in rage, making trees bow.

Spreading winter all night long;

Blood got freeze hearing our song.

Your name hit up in my mind,

A smile on my lips, one of its kind.

So much beautiful memories I got,

Times we spent together, so many times we fought.

Love was always there, love is here;

We both shed our tears, but always we care,

For each other, we stayed there for each other,

We never wanted to stay away from other.

You have been an angel, my love of life,

It’s a promise to hold your hand for whole life.


I’ll hug you at your worst,

I won’t let you go at any cost.

Will hold your hand when you’re down,

For your smile, I’ll be your clown.

I will make your life beautiful like star-filled-sky,

Will lend you my shoulder when you want to cry.

I love you my love, I’ll always do,

Whatever be the situation, I’ll fix it for you.

Have engraved your name so deep in my heart,

I’ll preserve it there like an ancient art.

No wind, no obstacle, no flow of rain,

Can erase your name, all their efforts will be in vain.

You are my air I breathe all day,

In whose arms I’ll stay.

For my whole life, with cool breezes,

It’s just for you, my beautiful princess…