All the rolling stones from the uphill,

And my own heart’s will.

Ready to contradict above it all,

My heart’s soul burns, like shooting star it falls,

Those raging stars that crossed up tonight,

That healed me up all night.

New rays over those dews on rose,

And those love songs felt so close.

I got up for new begin,

On that old path, no thorns and no more sin.

Pushing all those bad memories stuffed in a pack,

Down the stairs, below the earth, space it lack.

And the pretty beautiful memories, with your smile,

Hung on side wall, takes a glance all while.


All the things that brought rain in your eyes,

Whenever I was the reason, I apologize.

Now, no more bad memories will ever stuck,

Only my angel’s smile will wish me luck.

I speak all these from my heart’s soul,

And my soul still utters these truths above all.

 All the moment I said Love to you,

I meant with each beat and breath of dew,

And the beautiful dream of my wonderland,

No sorrows, no rains and no burning sand.

No devilish thorn, no monster storm,

All there will be our love so warm.

All the hurricanes that together we’ve seen,

We converted them all to a beautiful scene.


We held each other, and the hurricane crossed,

Looked around and nothing was tossed,

Just you were in my arms with the smile,

That adore your lips and haters feeling vile,

Will again let you know how much I adore you each day,

And will love you till exist these sun ray.

Will make you feel the most pretty girl,

And will hold you forever like a precious pearl..