As he walked in his school gate today he didn’t had even an iota of thought that he…he will feel like this. The guy who hated school all his life was feeling this. An unusual thought for him and it was troubling his mind. A very unusual feeling… SUDDENLY HE STARTED LIKING HIS SCHOOL. Unbelievable. But there was a reason… “It was his last day in school”… Yup… His school life ended.

But he was confused.

In those past 13 Years he never really wished to go to school. Each morning he cursed the person who invented this school. But today…

Did sun rose from west?

Did stars came out in daylight?

Did deer ate up a lion in the forest?

He had no idea what was going on. Till he was in school campus everything seemed alright .he was still hating school as usual… When the final bell rang out and they all were ordered to go home and as he stepped out of his school campus, a thunder strike hit his mind…


                         How will I make fun of teachers?

                        How will I destroy those benches?

             How will I enjoy small moments with my friends?

 He looked back at his school… yup the same huge building that he cursed all his life…

The same building where he made all his friends…

“Some best friends

Some very good friends

Some mean friends

Some awesome friends

Some beautiful faces of his life

And    some of his crushes”

And again a thought hit his mind…


“Will they miss me too?

Will they ever make an effort to stay in touch with me?

Will they ever make an effort to contact me?”


He was standing right in front of school gate and watching the whole crowd of his classmates running around him.

Friends talking with each other, clicking some pictures for their memories, giving each other a warm hug and promising to stay in touch…but well… no one knows for how long this promise will be kept…


He stood there, suddenly he found some of his friends and they asked him to take a picture with them.

How could he say no when those faces will be hard to see?

He saw his bus approaching him. Yup the bus part. The journey from our home to school was easy with this bus ride. (God bless the one who invented wheels J ;))

The speed of bus was not more than 20kmph and he jumped on the bus taking one leap. His friends… Yup his friends were at the last seat of the bus. He went straight back there and his friends… As always in smiling faces.

He was still in the middle of the same dilemma… whether to hate the school or love his school. And suddenly his friends took out their camera and the photo session began… everyone’s photo with everyone-well, that was the “only” rule and with due permission of all, his friends chose him as the “photographer” well, he instantly grabbed the camera and followed the simple rule- everyone’s photo with everyone . After clicking some photos it was his turn to get clicked…

Posing in all the possible weird ways, he realized-“it is the last time I am traveling in this bus… no more brainless talks and infinite fun in the journey to way back home with these crazy friends…”

Well there ends the photo session…

After the complete photo session and all the other craziness he went back home.


He was still in the same confusion-whether to hate his school or love it. J

He decided to leave the decision to the most superior power-“TIME


There’s only one thing he was sure about…

That he will miss   his friends.

All the fun in the class.

All the fun in bus.

And all the other crazy things.



And then, there goes a full stop in his school life……………