I stay awake in early winter’s night,

under the shadow of dim moon light.

Under these beautiful stars of heaven,

It took long to realize ,clock ran four past from eleven.

I was dreaming of those beautiful eyes,

that do not deserve any single cries.

and those pretty lips,

whose smile is like my good day’s tricks.

A beautiful girl that belong to me,

A pretty princess, my LOVE is she.

It’s my wish to love her forever,

to be a reason for her smile, ever and ever..


I can feel the pain her heart goes through,

when I break some promise that I meant to be true.

It was crazy ,I know it was dumb,

It felt so bad to her, even worse than being numb.

I might have put some tears in her eyes in past,

but I even know to drink it, no long it last.

I accept the fact with her I’ll fight,

Why won’t I when that’s my right.

but with a promise that she’ll be in my arms,

just after she has won the fight with her charms.

All the reasons that’ll make her cry even for a while,

I’ll erase that part off by being a reason for her smile.